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Equi-Block Topical Pain Reliever

Equi-Block Topical Pain Reliever

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The Topical Pain Reliever of Champions. Racehorse Strength Equi-Block is the first line of defense in our three-part Pain Reduction Program. Racehorse Strength Equi-Block is our most powerful product and must be applied to the exact area of lameness. It is 98% effective when used correctly on the proper area. Remember that in many cases there are secondary lameness problems as well. If Equi-Block is applied only to a primary problem and not to the secondary problem, you are not going to see a 100% improvement. It is very important that you try to pinpoint the secondary problem and apply Equi-Block to that area as well. Consult your veterinarian if you need help doing this.

Racehorse Strength Equi-Block is the number one equine topical pain reliever sold worldwide. The reason for this is simple, effectiveness and results! Racehorse Strength Equi-Block blocks more pain, decreases more inflammation, works faster, lasts longer (most horses receive up to 24 hours of pain relief), requires less product and less applications to achieve desired results! Racehorse Strength Equi-Block will not scurf or blister and will absolutely not test positive.

Racehorse Strength Equi-Block has proven itself to be extremely effective on several kinds of degenerative joint disease such as arthritis, bursitis, bone chips, etc. in the knees, hocks, fetlocks and stifles. It is also very effective at relieving soft tissue soreness such as strained suspensories, bowed tendons, bucked shins, splint and curb problems. Equi-Block is very effective on hoof pain; it has the unique ability to decrease hoof inflammation when applied to the coronet and pastern. Before using Equi-Block on hoof problems, please consult your Veterinarian for proper evaluation of the hoof.

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