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Hilason Trail Barrel Endurance 15"

Hilason Trail Barrel Endurance 15"

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Hilason Trail Barrel Endurance 

15" seat

Our Hilason horse saddle is made with premium quality genuine cowhide skirting American leather. Our saddle features a chocolate color, chocolate rough out leather seat, 5-inch cantle, fits 6-8 inch the gullet, 25 Inch skirt length, weight, 28 LBS(Approx.), and a gorgeous border hand-tooled design. The Hilason Flex tree saddle is designed to provide a more ergonomic fit and reduce pressure points on the horse's back. This western saddle is flexible and contours to help distribute the rider's weight more evenly, potentially reducing discomfort and enhancing the horse's freedom of movement. The flexibility of the saddle can allow the rider to have better balance, contact, and communication with the horse. This Hilason saddle has built-in shock-absorbing properties due to the flexible materials used. This western saddle leather can help absorb and reduce the impact of the horse's movements. This leather saddle is designed to be versatile, and suitable for a range of disciplines and riding styles. Hilason riding saddle also utilizes lightweight materials, reducing the overall weight of the saddle.

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