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Simplifly With Larva Stop 3.75lb

Simplifly With Larva Stop 3.75lb

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  • Helps prevent the development of house flies and stable flies in the manure of treated horses.
  • These highly palatable pellets are made with alfalfa.
  • Only affects your horse’s manure—this supplement contains no organophosphates and passes through your horse without being absorbed.
  • Formulated with LarvaStop and diflubenzuron as the main active ingredients to prevent the formation of flies.
  • Simply add to your horse’s regular feed.

Farnam SimpliFly Feed-Thru Fly Control for Horses helps to turn flies’ favorite stable breeding grounds into a no fly zone. When fed daily, this fly control helps to break the fly lifecycle by preventing fly larvae from developing in your horse’s manure. It’s made without organophosphates and passes through your horse’s body without being absorbed. Instead, it secretes into your horse’s manure, preventing it from being a breeding ground for pesky pests. You can start feeding it anytime during fly season, but for best results, start daily feeding in the early spring before the flies are thriving. These pellets are tasty and easy to mix into your horse’s daily feed. They’re a handy addition to your pest management program and target the fly problem at its source.

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