Golden Horseshoe has a long history of supporting the equine community through consignment sales. We offer the regions best access directly to consumers who are buying equine products.

We look forward to helping you with your consignment items.


We know that by bringing your items to consign with us that you are serious about selling them. In order to do that as effectively as possible, we follow some guidelines when accepting those items:

  • Items must be clean, free of dirt, debris, mold, etc.
  • Damaged items don't sell well and we can't accept them.
  • Unsafe items are a danger to our customers and a liability for us and our consigners. While we don't guarantee consignment items in any way, we do our best to reject any that are obviously unsafe.

Time and Pay Out

  • Period is 180 days
  • Percentage is 30%, excluding saddles which are 25%
  • Discounts are automatically applied: After 60 days - 25% discount. After 120 days - 50% discount. Saddles are discounted 10% and 20% respectively.
  • If you choose, unsold items may be donated to a local equine charity or group who is in need.
  • Unsold items which are not to be donated will be available for pickup and we will notify you that they are packaged for pickup. Items must be picked up within 7 days of notification due to our small space.
  • Consigners will be paid after the 5th of the month after the consignment period. Exceptions would be if all items sell, at which point pay out will be the 5th of the next month.


Here are some basic guidelines regarding what we accept for consignment. For more details, please download the guideline flyer PDF below.

All Items Need to be freshly cleaned & ready for retail display.

Here is how we price: We rank consignment items on the following grade and price accordingly:

Grade A – this is new with tags, new without tags,  items with original packaging or barely used with no blemishes, stains, or wear & tear. These items will typically be priced at 75%-80%of retail pricing.

Grade B– this is a gently used item that may show some general wear or scuffs but still has a long usable life. These items will typically be priced at 50-60% of retail pricing or less. 

Grade C – this is a well-used item that is showing its age, there may be some life left here but this is generally not a condition we would accept for consignment.

Consignment Contract

Here is a PDF copy of our consignment contract for your review.

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