Golden Horseshoe Scholarship in Memory of Lynn Kraut

Are you passionate about horses and pursuing a degree in an equine-related field? Look no further! Golden Horseshoe is thrilled to announce our exclusive scholarship opportunity for residents of Missouri or Illinois who are currently enrolled in or beginning a college or university equine degree program, the Golden Horseshoe Scholarship in Memory of Lynn Kraut.

At Golden Horseshoe, we believe in fostering excellence and supporting the next generation of equine professionals. We are carrying on the legacy of community and support by our former manager, Lynn Kraut. That's why we are offering a generous scholarship amount of $750 each year to one deserving student who is dedicated to advancing their knowledge and skills in the captivating world of horses.

Why Apply For Our Equine Scholarship?

Financial Support: We understand the financial challenges of pursuing higher education. Our scholarship aims to alleviate some of the burdens by providing financial assistance, giving you more freedom to focus on your studies and practical experience.

Exclusive Eligibility: Designed specifically for residents of Missouri and Illinois, our scholarship is tailored to support local talent and contribute to the thriving equine community. If you meet the eligibility criteria, this scholarship could be your gateway to success!

Equine Degree Programs: Whether you're studying equine science, equine management, equine therapy, or any other equine-related field, we recognize the value of these programs in shaping future industry leaders. Our scholarship is exclusively open to students enrolled in a recognized college or university equine degree programs.

Empowering Your Passion: By investing in your education, we are empowering your passion for horses and helping you build a strong foundation for a successful career in the equine industry. Our scholarship is a stepping stone towards your dreams and aspirations.

Selection Criteria:

Passion for Equine Industry:Candidates should exhibit a genuine passion for horses and the equine industry, as evidenced by their involvement in equine-related activities, clubs, organizations, or competitions.

Leadership and Community Involvement:The scholarship committee will consider applicants who have displayed leadership qualities and actively contributed to their communities, such as volunteering at equine-related events, engaging in mentorship programs, or demonstrating involvement in community service initiatives.

Minimum 500 Word Essay:Applicants must provide a compelling essay outlining their equine history, career aspirations, their commitment to the equine industry, and how receiving the scholarship will contribute to their educational and professional goals.

Financial Need:The committee may also take into account the financial need of the applicants, considering their ability to finance their education without significant external assistance.

Home State:Applicant’s home state, regardless of school location, must be Missouri or Illinois.

How to Apply:

Applying for the Golden Horseshoe Scholarship in Memory of Lynn Kraut is easy! Simply complete the online application form below. Along with basic personal information, be prepared to share your educational background, career goals, five photos or videos and how your equine degree program aligns with your aspirations.

Important Dates and Deadlines:

Application Period: January 1st through June 20th
Scholarship Announcement: June 30th
Scholarship Amount: $750 for the academic year
Number of Scholarships: At this time, we have funding for three scholarships for the 2024 school year.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to receive financial support for your equine education. Apply for the Golden Horseshoe Scholarship in Memory of Lynn Kraut today and take a significant step forward in your journey towards a successful equine career.

Invest in your passion. Embrace the future of equine excellence. Apply now!