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Breyers 2024 Spring Decorator

Breyers 2024 Spring Decorator

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In the early 1960s, Breyer released its first “decorator” models – horses that featured colorful, decorative finishes in both matte and glossy. Although they weren’t the most popular models at that time, decorators have since become some of the most beloved pieces in the Breyer line! The first decorator models were simple shades of blue and gold, either dappled or solid. Today’s decorators pull from a rich palette of colors and a variety of inspirations, including rainbows, holidays, and the night sky.

Gilded is an exciting new take on the original blue and gold color palette, joining stunning metallic shades with a splashy pinto coat. This limited edition work of art celebrates the beauty of the horse and the artistry of Breyer!

You're sure to want this lovely model in your Breyer collection!

Limit 2 per order.

Traditional | 1:9 scale | Ages 8+

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